Reema Trehan


REEMA TREHAN (Font-Digger)

I want to help you kick ass. Every pixel matters to me, I believe good design solves problems.


Let's break the ice a little.

I've worked with some pretty cool brands including, Nokia, Lay’s, Pepsi, Congress, PizzaHut, Spice jet, Airtel, Tropicana and Central Park among others. Currently I am studying advertising at NAFA. 

I am freakin’ great at Creative Direction, Art Direction and senior-level design in Print. In Digital, I kill it in the User Experience & Usability, Identity, Branding and Brand Management departments. I have been known to write a few lines of killer copy from time to time, and I can rebuild a carburettor if someone asks me nicely enough.

I’m a Fontastic Printcess get it? Prints? Fonts ok yeah....right on it.

From letter press machines to printers I handle it all with ease. Add emotion to words just by choosing the right font; from hipster yet simple Helvetica to sleek & classy Comfertaa.

Moving 2 pixels to the left and right since 1990. But for real, though, please don't tell me to do that, thanks.

Digital is my jam. From just working on a digital brief to animating for games, I have designed, written, and art directed everything from digital briefs to game animations. In layman's terms, it means I just "get" digital and that’s where your worries end.