Reema Trehan

BioRoyale Packaging

The challenge here was to create a brand identity which is modern and sophisticated at the same time for our exclusive customers. I was asked to revamp the packaging to make it look like and I quote, "nature in a lab coat".

The secondary marks and patterns have their own meanings and work as product logos, graphics icons and patterns to represent that we at BioRoyale is an organic hair care product.

BioRoyale_IG_New Pack_Conditioner+Oil_cropped from banner3_DSCF6872.jpg
BioRoyale_IG_New Pack_Shampoo+Serum_cropped from banner_DSCF6872.jpg
BioRoyale_English_Serum + Oil_DSCF_3140.jpg
BioRoyale_English_Website white_Group_DSCF7844_edited.jpg
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